I was born to a single mom in Pasadena, CA in 1980. My mother eventually married 1990 and we moved, three years later after the birth of my twin sisters, to Lake Tahoe, NV. Growing up, like many in my generation, I was told to, “If you want to be successful study hard, get good grades and participate in lots of extracurricular activities, so you can get into a good college and get a degree.” So, just like many in my generation I followed that advice. In high school I received good grades, played sports, and participated in an assortment of other extracurricular activities and I was accepted to my top choice college, but college still costs money and my family couldn’t pay for it. So how was I going to afford it? Scholarships? Grants? Student Loans? Summer Job?

The answer was all of the above and in the fall of 1999 I attended my freshman year at Whitworth University in Spokane, WA where I ran track and cross country. Unfortunately, by the end of my sophomore year I found that I could no longer afford the tuition at Withworth. Seeking in state tuition, I transferred to the University of Nevada Reno but eventually dropped out because I couldn’t afford it.

At age 21, having little options and student loan payments due, I moved to Los Angeles, CA where I stayed with my grandmother. Needing to find a way to support myself I answered an ad in the newspaper and was called in for an interview with a young business owner named Jeremy. In the interview Jeremy explained how he dropped out of college and had the opportunity to work for an entrepreneur who really taught him how to run a door to door sales business. Shattering my previous world view that degrees equal success. He offered me the same opportunity and I spent the next 5 years learning everything I could about business from my new mentor.

Finally, January 2007 at 26, I opened my first business in Grand Rapids, MI with two sales reps. Less than a year we were third largest wholesaler for our supplier with over 35 sales reps. I then expanded my business to Detroit, MI in January of 2008. Lighting didn’t strike twice and I had to shut down my company. While shutting down my business was not the most pleasant experience in my life it was one of the most valuable learning experiences, it was all my fault.

With my ego humbled I moved to Atlanta. At first I did mostly contract work, but in 2009 my fiancé Laura started a bookkeeping business and I soon found myself working with her fulltime. In 2011 we married and bought our first home in Roswell. We instantly fell in love with the city, knowing we wanted to plant roots and tired of the morning commute, we soon moved our business from Atlanta to Roswell.

We have since payed off my student loans and started a second business. We have expanded both businesses nationally to over 40 states and currently employ 9 people all right here in Roswell. Business isn’t the only thing that has grown. Our family has also seen the addition of five new members and counting. We have two beautiful daughters, Meredith and Jacquelyn, and we adopted three fun loving pound puppies Zoe, Sierra and Penny.

My wife and I own two businesses and a home right here in Roswell, so we have a vested interest in the community. We have made a personal investment and commitment to the community of Roswell and we plan to grow our business by expanding into new areas and hiring more people. As well as expanding our family with the hope of future children and puppies. We are very much looking forward to being a part of Roswell’s community for many years to come.

Nathan, Laura, Meredith and Jacquelyn




Sierra, Zoe, and Penny