Traffic congestion wastes time, money and increases pollution. By replacing certain traffic lights with roundabouts, widening roads, adding turn lanes, implementing traffic light synchronization and removing bottle necks we can reduce both traffic and pollution. Roswell also needs to embrace modern innovations such as ride sharing platforms and autonomous vehicles to help further reduce traffic congestion and pollution.

Since moving here in 2011, Roswell has passed new zoning laws that will lead to an increase in population density. We need to avoid high density development which will only add to our already existing traffic problem and change the charm and character of Roswell.

Roswell needs to be more fiscally responsible. I have watched the city spend money on various vanity projects while ignoring the more serious issues. Small businesses make up 99.7% of employers and are responsible for 64% of the new jobs created. We need to avoid penalizing residents and small businesses with unnecessary bonds and taxes to subsidize private corporations and well-connected developers.